Upcoming events

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October 20, 2022


  • Saransk, Mordovian Philharmonic
  • 19:00

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October 23, 2022

"The Journey of Peer Gynt"

  • Moscow, Zaryadye Hall
  • 18:00

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November 14, 2022

"Music of the Universe"

  • Kazan, Tatar Philharmonic
  • 18:30

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November 17, 2022

Fairy tale with sand animation "The Little Prince"

  • Moscow, Planetarium
  • 20:00


About us

The Black Square Quartet is an instrumental ensemble, the winner of Quartet 4X4 TV project (Russia Culture channel)

The Quartet has been touring through Russia for over fourteen years. It is one of the most recognized and unique ensembles which has left an indelible mark in cultural world of the country, introducing a new style which joins historical classical performance with the art of free composition and improvisation in all kinds of modern music.

The Black Square isn't a cover band or a jazz fusion version of a quartet. The style that the Quartet uses can be named "Classical crossover" but goes far beyond it. This is a band which will assure the listener in the fact, that music up-to-date cannot be restricted with borders of trends or traditions but instead joins them into the most truthful and inspiring language that is understood by everyone and grabs your attention from the first second.

Collective credo

   Show the relevance of the classics at all times, and make contemporary music understandable to the listener.

Quartet motto

   "With respect and love to the source"


   "Everything that the musicians of the Black Square do on stage is deeply thought out and experienced by them. The energy of their performance picks up you and causes strong emotions, goosebumps, tears of delight. The soul blooms and wants to live after their concerts"
Terem-Quartet (St. Petersburg)

   "The performances of the Black Square are always accepted by the audience with enthusiasm and there is every reason for this - four bright musicians, a magnificent ensemble, original style and delicate taste - all this allows them to create incredible programs and win the hearts of the public forever"
M. Katsnelson, producer of the Alexei Rybnikov Theater (Moscow)

   "These musicians are doing something unimaginable. You are expecting to be amazed - they won't amaze you, they will stun you instead! If you haven't bought a ticket to their concert, it's time to hurry up!"
"Le Dauphine Libere" (France)




Wind of wanderings


Concert director - Olga

Organization of foreign tours - Zoya