In this concert, the most famous compositions of the quartet will be performed, including those sounded on the air of the "QUARTET 4X4" project on the Kultura TV channel.

The program is based on the principle of musical travel.

You will walk through different countries, eras, genres and styles. Famous melodies of classical composers (such as J.S.Bach, E. Grieg, A. Vivaldi, A. Khachaturian and others) will appear to the audience in a completely new light, saturated with refined rhythms and new content, as well as brilliant improvisations of the "Black Square" quartet.

The concert is accompanied by entertaining stories about the work and life of composers, anticipating the performance of compositions based on world masterpieces, such as:
   "Badinerie" J. S. Bach
   "The flight of the bumblebee" N. Rimsky-Korsakov
   "Dance with Sabers" A. Khachaturyan
   "Summer storm" A. Vivaldi
   "Bolero" M. Ravel and others.


The quartet has created an interactive program for children and adults, which is a fascinating journey through countries, seasons, genres, styles and eras.

Together with the hero of Ibsen's drama and the music of Edward Grieg, as well as in the pleasant company of composers Vivaldi, Gershwin and Khachaturian, "Black Square" will lead you through hot deserts, the Cave of the Mountain King, rise to the top of Mount Fuji, whirl in the dances of Spain and Latin America - and will hide from the terrifying spontaneous summer thunderstorm. Famous melodies of classical composers will appear here in a completely different key, saturated with refined rhythms and new content, as well as enchanting improvisations of the "Black Square" quartet.

The program is based on the suite "Travels of Peer Gynt", aired on the "Quartet 4x4" project of the Kultura TV channel:
   "Morning on Mount Fuji"
   "Peer Gynt in Spain"
   "Anitra's Oriental Dance"
   "In the cave of the mountain king"
   "Lullaby Solveig"


Concert-quest for children and adults based on the story about the heroes of Middle-Earth.

Embarking on a dangerous and exciting journey into the world of dragons, trolls, wizards, elves and fairies, the heroes find themselves in situations that they cannot overcome without the participation of listeners! Together we will help the characters of the Tale of Middle-earth to go for the treasure that must be obtained in order to preserve the magical world.

The concert begins with a narration about the situation in which the magical heroes have found themselves. Before the entrance, the audience is given black and white squares (paper), which will need to be lifted into the air to help the heroes choose the right path.

Next, we will ask the public to participate in the development of the plot and, depending on the twists of the plot, the musical arrangement will also vary.

The story has several ends too!

Exciting adventures of famous heroes and battles with powerful opponents will be embodied in compositions based on famous works: G. Shore "The Lord of the Rings", J. Williams "Harry Potter", G. Williams "The Chronicles of Narnia", E. Grieg "Peer Gynt "and traditional Celtic and Irish tunes.


The programs of the Black Square Quartet are always exciting and extremely varied. In the Music of the Universe project, the main task is to capture the maximum contrast of musical works and completely immerse the listener in states in a huge dynamic range - from meditation and dreams, through piercing romance, to epics and tragedy. The entire spectrum of human emotions is a spaceship capable of carrying us throughout the entire universe of sound. The band's original compositions, music from films, eternal masterpieces of classics and premieres of contemporary composers will be performed here. All compositions are united by the boundless universe of human fantasy, the cosmic virtuosity of the quartet's improvisations, the magic of the unity of eternity and modernity.

The concert includes music by J.S. Bach, J. Williams, G. Shore, K. Orff, P. Karmanov, J. Clark and the author's music of the "Black Square" quartet.


Concert director - Olga

Organization of foreign tours - Zoya